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Meet the Team


Bo Wang


Hi, my name is Bo and I am a Junior studying Economics and Data Science at USC. As the co-host, I am in charge of engaging with speakers to discuss environmental issues and solutions. I joined this podcast because I strongly believe in its mission and enjoy working with the passionate team.


Aroofa Maknojia

Podcast Editor

Hello, my name is Aroofa Maknojia and I am a Junior studying business at USC. As the Media Director, I am in charge of editing the podcast and creating teasers for Eco Alarm. I wanted to be a part of this podcast because I want to encourage like-minded individuals to continue the fight to bring sustainable solutions to their schools, businesses, and communities.


Karla Sifuentes

Marketing Manager

Hi there! My name is Karla and I am a Senior studying Business at USC. I am also the marketing manager, meaning I am in charge of the website and other social content. Joining this team was a no-brainer because I absolutely love this planet and have a deep passion for environmental protection/justice. The issues we are facing are daunting, but I have hope in our future and in this podcast!


Imani Johnson

Founder & Host

Hello, my name is Imani and I am a Junior studying Business Administration and minoring in Environmental Studies. As the founder and one of the hosts of Eco Alarm, I help script and record our shows as well as help our team provide consistent content for you all to enjoy! I started this podcast because I wanted a place for people who are passionate about the environment to find tangible ways to get involved and learn more about the environmental issues that are often ignored.


Paige Macnguyen

Board Member

Hi, my name is Paige and I am a Junior studying Business Administration at USC. As a board member, I am in charge of brainstorming ideas for podcasts as well as helping find potential new guest speakers for Eco Alarm. As a strong advocate of environmental sustainability and ethical business practices, I want to educate others and inspire action!

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Russell Agustin

Board Member

What's up, my name is Russell Agustin and I am a Sophomore studying Public Policy at USC! I am one of the board members, and I am in charge of finding podcast guests, researching topics and providing feedback for Eco Alarm. I believe in the work of this podcast because our planet needs more attention and awareness. As we speak, our planet faces a plethora of challenges that have proven to be detrimental to its health. We only have one planet and I firmly believe that we need to raise mindfulness about our planet and find ways to sustain it.